Saturday, October 3, 2009

from a brilliant poeter cum my bestie (da^yevil satan)

like the blue sea you see from beneath

the stream of waves blows underneath

she rides like the attack of revenge from sith

creating the backdrop of a thousand breeze

crying a river she never does

wondering the life she still trust

paddling the sea full of dust

uncover the secret she must

confused might be but always clear

blurry is she but always cheer

slumber in the dusk is always near

she streams and tries to dissapear...

*kudos ,dA^yevil Satan!


all you need is love..
betul ke?
but not necessary kot.

love makes the world go round..

absolutely doesnt make sense to me. :p
walau ade world crisis,perang sana sini,the world is still rotating dlm orbitnya.
so,kalau tak love this world akan go round jugak lah ape..

inilah pendapat paling bodoh yg pernah diperdebat!

*silly elli