Monday, May 18, 2009

funny thingg

the guy that i adored happens to be a gay!
my friend told me that.
hope it's not true.
but u know what?

i just cant stop laughing!
how can i fall for a gay guy...
sucha a waste of time.



linda said...

u r always fall into a gay guy!

this is bizarre's own said...

gay normally handsome kan haha

Elli said...

handsome & smart-looking kot!
ili tertipu kak!

Anonymous said...

gay? omg
aisehmen.takpe2.doktor kan ade. jangan doktor tu gay sudah. ekekekke

Najwa Yusof said...

sure ke ili?
bdk saujana ke?
sbb wawa ade knl gay guy kat saujana ni.
hensem but kesian gay.huhu

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